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Being a Helpful NG'er Being a Helpful NG'er

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Good :D

Excellent, this is a great "Interactive Movie" ;P and you did a great job on it, its informative and easy to understand and im sure it will help alot of people. It even taught me a thing or two. Hahaha. ;P

Graphically it was plain and simple but good, because i hate tutorials and such with great big fancy backgrounds where you cant read anything because of all the distracting pictures in your way, nice and Grey and White. Very good indeed. The buttons were nice too, easy to see, and all the screenshots taken and put into the flash were clear and understandable, if a little bit off quality at times.

The sound was alright, not my style but it fit the flash, and a nice mute button for those who do not want to listen to the music. This flash covered alot in it and its gonna help all the n00bs on here, but it needs more views and publicity for it to be seen damn it. I'll recommend it for a collection now!! :D

Overall it was great. There's only one problem with it as far as i can see, and i blame Corky for this, WHY WASN'T I LISTED AS A GREAT REVIEWER!? Look through my reviews and you will see i put lots of lvoe into every word and i've never had one deleted. I'm insulted. ;)
Nice work guys.


RohantheBarbarian responds:

Wow, awesome review, glad you liked it!

Em, the helpful reviewers were sort of chosen fairly quickly, a few names popped into our heads and we checked them out. You'd have definitely made the list had your name come up.

Thanks for the review!

Newgrounds Helpful Guide Newgrounds Helpful Guide

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Yummy Quiz

Ooh!! A game, i haven't reviewed any of your stuff for a while now Yoshi! I like this game, its cool and lets you know what sort of a Newgrounder you are, even though it may be a bit far fetched, i got a score of 44 meaning that i would be a worthy Moderator, even though i'm not so sure about that. I wouldnt like to Mod the BBS, but i'd love to be a Review Mod. ^_~

Graphically its nice, presented pretty nicely using the normal Newgrounds yellow and orange beams, gotta love those beams! It looks bright and colourful, very nice. I like the buttons, the buttons for selecting your answers were very BBS like and they fit the whole theme of the quiz. Nice work on the presentation overall. ^_^

The sound was alright, not exactly my choice of music but its Newgroundsy which fit the quiz, and im very happy you put a dirty big MUTE button in there for people like me, it allowed me to quiz and listen to Slipknot at the same time. THNX ^_~

The questions were of a good quality, but there werent very many, so next time make more so you can evaluate better, you could use questions such as:
What colour is your aura?
Whats your posts per day?
How many times have you been banned?
And many more, if you decide to make another, consult me for questions bitch!! :D

Overall its a bitchin quiz, i like it and your flash submissions seem to be getting better and better, im proud of you! :D
Also get on MSN more often, i hate using AIM. I havent chatted to you in ages. D:
Congrats on dialy second as well my friend. Excellent Quiz.


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Sispri responds:

Thanks man. ;) Be on later.

Ultimate South Park Quiz Ultimate South Park Quiz

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


Hmmm htis was a pretty good quiz, hard enough as it got on, but i am an avid south park watcher so it wasnt too hard for me, but if you dont watch south park religiously then this quiz will get WAY too difficult for them, i know its the ultimate south park quiz, but you should of had different difficulty levels depending on SP knowledge.

The music was very annoying, there was no option to turn it off either, which pissed me off to no end, either scrap it, or make an off button, SERIOUSLY.
The graphics on it were alright, cool pictures after each question too.

Overall it was ok, not great as alot of it was tedious, especially the whole checkpoint system annoyed me when i got to like question 30. Ahhh. Anyway its average on a whole, not spectacular.

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Button Finder 2 Button Finder 2

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Not bad!

This was a cool game, a nice little game that provides a challenging little time waster, fun to play and really mind bending as well as sometimes you cant see the button for ages, then its in a really obvious spot. Nice work.

Graphically it could of been better, The overall presentation of each level was alright, but the pictures could of been better, and the menus were a bit sloppy, could of jazzed em up a little bit ya know?

Cool Music for it though, gave a good atmosphere! Good choice for it. Well Done.

Overall a good game, took me a while to complete and i enjoyed playing it, nice level variety and it was difficult, which is good for a puzzle game, nice work on this and hopefully we'll have a uton finder 3 coming our way.


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EmmDubya responds:

Thanks for high vote. The menu on 3 is more well made. It's amazing how the first half of reviews were saying that they didn't enjoy the music and the second liking it. You completed all 45 levels!?

Awesome Sprite Tutorial Awesome Sprite Tutorial

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


Great tutorial, and very helpful. Im sure this will help lots of upcoming sprite flash artists in the near future. We dont see too many good sprite flashes nowadays. :(

Ths tutorial was very clear, nice black bacround, coupled with occasional animation and pictures. It was very easy to understand and very clear. The lack of music was good, as i have looked through too many tutorials with annoying music in the backround.

Overall a great tutorial. Nice work!!

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Swizardv2 responds:

Glad that you liked it, thanks for the review =]

Delayed Radar Delayed Radar

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Nice Work

Hmm this game wasnt bad, seemed a, but it was good, maybe needs to be finetuned a little bit just to perfect it but apart from that it was fine. Its a cool idea for a game though, like a search and snipe kind of this, this would be good if you incoporated a storyline, like your an assassin or something.

The graphics were alright, very simple. The colours were also very simple, red black and gold were alright to go with for this i suppose, overall on a whole it looked ok, no real problems with the way it looked except that it probably COULD of looked better than it did. More detail and better presentation.

The animation and gameplay were alright, pretty smooth running and it was cool to play for a while, and challenging to fins the golden orbs, but i dont think its a game i would play on a regular basis, just not fun enough. One of the main problems i had with the core design was that the seethrough part of my scope couldnt keep up with my cursor, it was always lagging behind, unless its supposed to do that?

The music was ok, but the simple, drag over the button to turn the music on and off was cool, but a little annoying, the sound effects used were good, but you could of done so much more with this, like adding gunshot noises to the scope, and a rader beeping in the backround. But i suppose its ok.

Overall its an alright game, good enough, but it could use some fine tuning and some tweaking to make it even better, i suggest keeping this core design and just developing it further until you perfect it. Nice work.


Graphics - 6
Gameplay - 6
Sound - 5

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First Light First Light

Rated 4 / 5 stars


This was a cool game, good way to just use up time if you're bored, which is exactly what ive been using it for these past couple of days. its pretty enjoyable but fun and frustrating to play. And a good challenge.

It was presented very simply, just spheres of colour, but the simpleness does the game justice as it gives it charm. Good music too. And overall a very good game. Hope to see more. :D

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Visual Illusions 4 Visual Illusions 4

Rated 3 / 5 stars


Hmmm, very interesting, but once you watch it once its not something that ill likely watch again. It was cool, but kinda boring if you get my drift. Im not a big fan of picture slideshows and optical illusion flashes but some of the ones in here were really good.

The music was fucking annoying, it was really loud and repetative, i'd suggest a softer track. Anyway it was ok. But nothing special.

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The Last Stand 2 The Last Stand 2

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Great game, one of the best on Newgrounds. Contrary to what alot of people think i like this alot more than the first one, the whole moving from place to palce and searching individual buildings was a great aspect to the game, and the decent amout of weapons in it is good, compound bow is my favorite though. I'd like to see a crossbow in the 3rd one, if there is gonna be one.

The graphics are great, very realistic style to the characters and backrounds, it has a very dull dreary. The backrounds are all very detailed and are quite different from town to town so that was very good. Nicely done. I liked the different array of zombies to fight, it kept things interesting. But made it harder.
The animation was great, all the zombies and characters move fluidly on high quality. Very good.

The gameplay was excellent, great controls and great aspects of the game. The reloading was a tad annoying, especially not being able to change weapon but i suppose its more realistic that way. The sound was great, great gun/weapon sounds and the zombie groans were great. :D

Overall one of my fave, and one of the best games on Newgrounds. i would, and im sure everyone else would love to see a third installment in the series. Hoping too see one! Keep up the good work. :D

Graphics - 10
Animation - 9
Gameplay - 8
Sound - 8

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Choices: a poem Choices: a poem

Rated 3 / 5 stars

New And Innovative

Hmmm this is new, but its not bad, its very creative for one thing and the poetry in it isnt half bad. Nice work, its nice to see Newgrounders exploring new ways of expresing themselves through flash and this is a good one.

To be honest the presentation is terrible, lets start with the main menu, its bland, boring and doesnt fit. You'd think for something as expressive and creative as poetry you could of done a bit more graphically? It unbalances the style of the flash.
Plain white backrounds and cut and pasted images dont do anything for appearance, it makes it look sloppy and rushed. :/
One major annoyance was the constant font changing throughout the poetry reading, its not necessary.

There was no animation to speak of, but the whole choose your path interactivity side of the flash was very interesting and i like the idea. The narrative was good, the vocals were clear and enunciated well so i could understand. The reading was very expressive as well, was that you reading?

Overall its good, needs work to perfect but i liked it, i hope to see mroe creative and interesting flashes like this from you soon, and i may even have a go at making one myself. If i do ill credit you. :P

Graphics/Presentation - 4
Animation/Interactivity - 7
Audio/Music - 6
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Vert responds:

Wow, thanks for the extremly detailed review! It's always nice for an author to have someone review their work in such detail. Let me reply to some of your points:

Did you really think that the menu was that bad? I mean, I can agree that using pasted images wasn't the best idea (but I thought it was better than leaving nothing or, even worse, me actually drawing something!), but I thought the menu had a minimalist quality to it... guess not. =[

Because there is no animation at all in my flash, I tried using the font changes in attempt to keep things less repetitive. Again, I thought it was reasonable, but I can understand if you didn't like it, because even to me it doesn't feel altogether natural.

The presentation as a whole is naturally where I'll concentrate my efforts in improving, should I try to make another flash poem, probably by acquiring a co-author (given the lack of personal skills in this sort of thing).

As regard to the reading, yes, I did everything in the flash, including the reading of the poem. I do occasionally do voice acting, but I have terrible track record (of the 4 projects I've participated, only one has been sucessivly concluded!). Feel free to PM me if you ever need one.

Oh, and I'd heartily encourage you to try and make something "creative", I've felt that NG could do with some more variety in the type of flashes it receives.

Thanks for the compliments and the critique!