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The SuperHero Collab The SuperHero Collab

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Great collab!

I really hate reviewing collabs but I said I would so here goes. Superheroes are awesome and this is the first good collob I've seen in a long time. Since the Pirate collab I believe, maybe I only liked that because it had flogging molly in in.

Graphically it was pretty fair, it's difficult to rate collabs in terms of animation and graphics because there is such a wide variety throughout. There were some particularly good ones like the Gambit one and the Superman one. Those both looked good and we're animated extremely smoothly in my opinion.
Overall it was above average in the presentation department, which is great because a lot of collabs have more shit looking parts than good looking ones. But even some of the terrible looking bits had great punch lines.

The music, sound effects and voice acting is really where this collab finds its feet. All of the voice acting was brilliant to listen to, interesting voices all around and I commend all the voice actors. Sound effects were vibrant and clear and well timed, nothing else you can really say about them.
The music was awesome, especially the "I Need A Hero" Song, all time fucking classic in my books.

Overall it was a pretty great collab, it had its faults such as the inbetween animation being loud and frequent, and towards the end... annoying as hell. But overall it was a great watch. Well done guys.

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Makeshift responds:

Thanks for reviewing even tough you said you hate reviewing ^_^
You can credit ForNoReason and Ughanation mostly for that voice acting.
And Doctormario's wife :P

The 3 Second Collab The 3 Second Collab

Rated 4 / 5 stars


Whale parts where by far the best. ;P

CD08 Frankenberry CD08 Frankenberry

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Great Art. Epic Loop. I love SBC. :)
I cant believe this has no reviews. :P
Frankenstiens clock!! :D

ReNaeNae responds:

lol! Thanks!

Ode to Elevator Music Ode to Elevator Music

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Wierd Idea

Wow, this was short, and very very small, when i read the author comments i wasnt exactly sure what to expect, was it going to be a music video on elevator music? A humorous elevator skit. No. A message, Regret is the greatest burden any man can experience. That i do not believe. :P

Graphically it was very simple, just words flashing past on the screen, however you were very misleading in your colouring of the letters, by colouring the first letter of every word red i was lead to believe that the words spelt something, they didnt. I was disappointed by this. YOU LET ME DOWN.

The sound was nice, lovely music accompanied the flash, but listening to that for too long would probably make me want to gouge my own eyes out with rusty forks. So thank you for making the flash relatively short. :D

I like the relevance between the author comments and the flash, but there was actually more substance in the author comments than in the actual flash itself, i think you would of been better off putting "Regret is the greatest burden any man can experience." as the author comments, then making a flash going through the story you wrote out. I think that would of been better. But overall its not bad.

Graphics - 2
Animation - 0
Sound - 7


SprintT responds:

Thanks :)
Simplisity is my aim though :)
I do unusual things me thinks

A new clock! A new clock!

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Happy Clockday

Okay, i am gonna vote 5 on this just for the simple fact its a clock day movie and i love the clock crew and thier many lolful shenanigans. A score of 3.55 is very good for this flash, as if it wasnt clock day when you submitted it i have a feeling that it would of gotten a much lower score. But it WAS Clockday so <3.

Graphically it was ok, not great, the backgrounds were pretty plain and the characters were too, and the scene with the weight of many many tons the weight looked a bit off, like it was at the wrong angle or something, oh well. The colours used were nice and bright which is good, but honestly for such a short flash you could of improved the look of it by so much, but procrastination and laziness can often control many a flash artist so dont worry about it. :D

The animation was actually very good, nice and smooth throughout the entire flash so you should be very happy with that, the sound was good too, nice and clear, good choice of sound effects too, but some music would of been nice. Nevermind though.

Overall it was alright, on a normal day its okay, on Clockday its fantastic, so i have to say well done and a Happy Clockday, and the sight of that preloader makes me tingle in my pants. ^_~


sistem69 responds:

Thanks. Im glad u liked.

Forever Young Forever Young

Rated 4 / 5 stars


Awesome, loved it. Gave me a good chuckle and it was quite surprising, you start watching it and you see the egg and you think instantly, he's gonna get broken, because its that predictable, but then he starts singing so you get absorbed by the singing, and you completely forget about whether something will happen, so you get suprised when he is suddenly snatched up. Good job on the punchline. :D

Graphically its good, for such a short flash it could be better, but i suppose it doesnt need to be, the preloader was nice, i like monkeys. And the backgrounds were fairly well detailed, with the simple egg. The mouth of the egg looked strange on him, but suited him somehow. So good work on that. I think the frying pan and the egg at the end could of been drawn better.

The animation was fairly smooth throughout the whole thing, didnt see any immediate problems with it so thats good. The sound was great, excellent song for the flash and it was very clear. Good quality. Overall on that it was great. :D

Overall the flash was good, funny, well drawn and animated, everything you want in a flash. I'm hoping to see more from you in the near future. Well done.


Best present ever Best present ever

Rated 5 / 5 stars


This is a pefect piece of flash artistry, its got amazing story perfect graphics and excellent personality, this is one of the best pieces on Newgrounds to date and i wouldnt be surprised to see something of this quality on television or as a short at the beginning of a movie.

Overall the movie is great, excellent graphics, original style, fantastic sound and amazing story. oveerall its pretty much perfect. :D


The Pirate Collab The Pirate Collab

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


This was a great collab, i enjoyed watching it, it was full of action, humour and much more. It had a great variation to all the parts in it so it didnt get boring. And i pretty much liked all the parts in it. A very well put together collab with some excellent flash artists in it. Well done.

Graphically it was superb, all the parts were drawn fantastically, with a huge variation in style, ranging from full on realistically drawn people, to cartoon pirates and even stick figures, the range gave a great and broad viewing experience. The backgrounds were all great and the colouring and shading was excellent. The menu was cool and originally designed too, with epic map animation. :P

The animation was great throughout, i couldnt find any fault in it whatsoever, whether it was a simple pirate strolling along, or a faced paced fight the animation ran smooth and seamless.
The sound was epic, completely amazing, the pirates of the carribbean theme was great for the menu, and the Flogging Molly - Salty Dog song was perfect for the collab, excellent sound effects too. The Audio was a perfect 10.

Overall it was a great collab, one of the best ive seen with a load of great parts in it, you should all be proud of it, and i love pirates so this was a huge enjoyment for me to watch. Well done and thank you for the pleasure. ;)


Graphics - 8
Audio - 10
Animation 9

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Bertn responds:

Thanks for the review! ^_^

This is one of the best review I've read! (: You're one of the first to say the menu was cool and I like your review skills, you talk about everything and give good comment. I'm happy you enjoyed the collab and yea, I am proud of it. :D


Please help me! Please help me!

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


This was nice, good little music video and ill defo recommend it for the music video collection on Newgrounds. As its good enough to be in there. I liked the song chosen, a classic. And i love the Beatles. :D

Graphically i thought it was great! I loved the simple style put to it, simple black and white line drawings on a plain white background gave it a simple yet sophisticated look and it did look great! Well done with that. The character looked cool too. :P
The animation was really smooth and consistant throughout the whole thing, so that was great, and the sound quality of the song was good too.

The only bad thing i thought was that the subtitles ran over and started again at the end of the song. Also why were the choices at the beginning in French?! :P
Overall though it was great! You have your own style which is very cool!


Graphics - 8
Animation - 8
Sound - 10

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flixing responds:

Thank you! Yes, I had not seen the problem of subtitles, but I will arrange it!
Thank you for the helpful review! ;)

SF Series Episode 1 SF Series Episode 1

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


This was a cool movie, Street Fighter falshes are some of my faves as its one of my fave fighting games, next to Marvel Vs Capcom, which you intergrated into this flash too. The story was good, i liked it, and by the end i was anticipating watching the second one. Good work.

Graphically it was good, great even. BUT. It could of been so much better. First off the sprites were good, alot looked good but some looked better than others, also i noticed that the Spiderman sprite was in black and white, while the rest were in colour. :)
The background on the first scene outside [Im gonna assume the acadamy] Looked a bit streched out, and didnt look great compared to the sprites. The backgrounds later on were fine though.

The animation was great and as you only have 6 flashes on Newgrounds thats a great achievement. The sprites moved solidly and very smoothly throughout the walking and fighting sequences. In the first scene though all the characters were moving at once, and it looked kinda wierd. Too many characters packed in there. :)

The sound was great, the music in the menu was cool and the mellow orchestral music throughout up to the fight scene was great, all the sound effects throughout were great too. Some of them sounded like they came straight out of the anime Naruto. :P
The voice acting was great too. :D

Overall it was great, one of the best street fighter flashes on here and id defo recommend you to keep going for as long as you can with this series as it seems to be great. Well done man!


Graphics - 8
Animation - 9
Sound - 9

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mortis5000 responds:

Thank You for the review...that Spiderman was just a simple pallete swap...everybody that you see in that scene will become intergal in the later scenes...I also have to thank Tom for hooking me up with an upload limit so now the epsiodes will be lengthy... I did wanna make a nod to my other flash movie with the Naruto like I said before thanks and plz spread the word.